Lovely Lavender
LA-VELA was born out the passion of Gopa Mittal, her unique take on candle making, mixed with dedication to artisanal craftsmanship, has created a cult-like following for her luxury candles.
We are using traditional techniques, the candles are handmade from premium natural wax/organic bees wax,100% cotton/wood wicks and a combination of all-natural essential oils which are carefully combined with cosmetic-grade fine fragrance oils. Only the highest quality materials are used, free of potentially-harmful additives, each candle is poured by hand in a small batch from her studio in Mumbai, with the utmost care and attention. a true artisanal product, each LA-VELA candle is numbered and signed for quality control.
WHY LA-VELA: We are specialist in making of organic handmade premium candles, all of our candles are made by using organic bees, soy and palm wax, cotton core and bamboo tree wicks, pure essential oils, with lovely packaging. Glass jars which finished off with a simple label and pure wooden lid. Each candle is hand poured, packaged in our candle studio.